At Your Service 明星@Your Service

Peekaboo! Come watch and LOL at celebs who get thrown into real-life situations as they go undercover as front-line service staffs and be at your service! We got those hidden cameras out yo. Not everyone showers you with the same love when you are in disguise – so where would these celebs take their customers to? Will they crumble under stress or spread positive vibes like a domino effect? “测试你的眼力,考验他的名气”——艺人改头换面、乔装打扮,就是要为你服务!毫不知情的公众成为“隐藏摄影机”中与艺人互动的服务对象!他们会发现对方是大明星吗?敬请拭目以待!

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