Heart To Heart 心点心 (TIF)
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声道: Chinese
类型: Drama

Yue Xiang Lou 《粤香楼》 is a famous teahouse in Chinatown in the 80s and 90s with strong Cantonese influence. The teahouse changed its name in 2018 to Yue Xiang Lou 《越香楼》 (a different Yue from the signboard 21 years ago). Its business suffered as the dimsum had a fusion of both Western and Chinese elements. The owner Yue Tian Hua got into conflict with a potential buyer who had ill intentions and a quick-witted young man managed to get rid of the buyer. Tian Hua discovers that man is his long lost son, Yue Wen Guang, who left with his wife at a tender age. Wen Guang has no feelings towards Tian Hua and readily agrees to sell the shares his late grandfather left for him. However, he mistakes his father for going after the money and decided to change his mind. 《粤香楼》是牛车水在80,90年代赫赫有名的广式酒楼。2018年。风尘仆仆的岳文广来到酒楼,见招牌已改名为《越香楼》,食物改走fusion路线显得不中不西。老板岳天华想卖掉酒楼,却因为只有一半股份无法交易。文广误会他想做伪证来证明父亲的遗嘱无效,便从中作梗,导致买家打退堂鼓。天华发现他正是小时候因病被妻子带走的儿子。文广对天华已经没有父子情,本来答应卖掉爷爷留给他的酒楼股份,却因误会父亲想私吞其股份而决定继续经营酒楼

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