After the Stars 攻星计 (TIF)
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Telecast Info:

声道: Chinese
类型: Drama

This drama series is mainly about behind the glamour of a Big Four artiste agency – Zi Yi Artiste Agency, the subtle and close relationship between the artistes and agents. Life in the entertainment industry is depicted in the story of celebrity artistes in the episodes and also includes main storyline of the agents’ struggle for survival, bringing out the dark human nature of greed and intrigue. 此剧讲述了演艺经纪公司耀眼的风光背后,艺人与经纪人之间相互依赖、唇亡齿寒的微妙关系,并通过姿意经纪公司的四大经纪人做主线,以数集介绍一个明星艺人的故事方式,侧写娱乐圈百态。剧中也从经纪人挣扎求存的主线故事,以及她们之间明争暗斗的幽暗面,带出人性的贪婪与尔虞我诈。

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