My Star Guide 14 我的导游是明星 <食在不一样>

With a total of 13 episodes, My Star Guide 14 debuts 23 July 2019, every Tuesday, 8pm on Channel 8.

My Star Guide Sr 14

The new season <My Star Guide 14>is back and will bring viewers to explore countries like India, North Korea, Dubai, Turkey, Thailand and Australia. 

The series aims to continue enthrall viewers and travelers with primary focus on food. There will be feature of food related items in each episode, alongside montages of sights attraction. Follow our celebrities as they bring you around the world, tasting different kinds of delicacies, bringing you to beautiful scenic location hand pick by the tour for visual treat and enthrall in the beauty of the places of interest and experience the life of the locals etc.

With a total of 13 episodes, My Star Guide 14, debuts 23rd July 2019, every Tuesday, 8pm on Channel 8.

新一季 的《我的导游是明星~ 食在不一样》将带领观众到不同国家,如:北印度、朝鲜、迪拜、土耳其北部、泰国、澳洲,一探较不广为人所知的风土民情。节目除了带大家走访不同的旅游区,让大家沉浸在美景,了解个中特色,一饱眼福外,更是将注意力放在这些地域的美食上。观众将可以品尝最道地的本地美食,甚至最令人期待的得奖美食,也可以到当地广受欢迎兼具代表性的餐厅用餐,访问厨师并请他亲自示范他所推荐的招牌菜。另外,观众也有机会体验当地人爱去、爱吃、爱做、爱玩的一切,包括:咖啡馆、夜市、农场市集、街边小食、饼干/ 糕点/ 甜点、饮酒文化、咖啡文化、美食节、采摘季节性水果等等。当然,节目也不忘介绍各种土产礼品,观看《我的导游是明星~ 食在不一样》,必定让观众满载而归!


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