Vettai S4
Telecast Info:

Audio: Tamil
Genre: Drama

DSP Seelan and DSP Pradeep put together a new taskforce comprising of Inspectors Maya, Suhas, Swathi and Dhayal. The team starts off on a strong note and works towards weeding out undesirable elements in the society. However it soon becomes evident that each junior officer is very different from one other, which threatens to jeopardize the team dynamics. To add on to this, Pradeep’s shady past returns to haunt him in the form of a young man. A past he regrets and is totally ashamed of. A past that will soon undermine his position as a leader. Will Seelan be able to hold the team together ? Can the officers rise above their personal differences and problems to work as one ? Get ready to witness the adventures of the Vettai team in this exciting new season.

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