Have A Little Faith 相信我
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Jiang Xiao Xi (Rui En) looks like your typical white-collared office lady. But under this seemingly harmless exterior hides an ugly truth. Xiao Xi is a con-woman and a pickpocket. She thinks of herself as a modern-day Robin Hood, robbing the rich to help the poor. Xiao Xi rents a room in an apartment, with the intention to con the landlord. She meets a mysterious man Shen Ming Ren (Zhang Zhen Hua), who used to be famous fashion designer, but what makes him give up his success to hole up in a small rented room? Xiao Xi and Ming Ren fall in love, but will he be able to accept her when he finds out the truth about her “profession”? There is a reason behind Ming Ren abandoning his passion and it is connected to Xiao Xi’s sister, will she be able to accept him when she learns of the reason? 江晓溪(瑞恩)表面上是一名典型的白领丽人,但是在这个看似善良的外表,隐藏着一个不可告人的秘密。晓溪其实是个女骗子兼扒手,以行骗讹诈为生。晓溪自比为女罗宾汉,劫富济贫,行侠仗义,替 天行道。晓溪后来租了一间房间,目的就是为了要诈骗房东。晓溪巧遇神秘男子沈明仁(张振寰),明仁原本是著名的服装设计师,但是他为什么要放弃如此成功的事业,隐退到一间小小的房间里? 晓溪与明仁渐渐爱上彼此,但是他最终能否接受她是女骗子的事实呢?那么,明仁为什么突然放弃了梦想,封闭自己?他到底和晓溪妹妹的死亡有什么关联?发现了明仁不堪的往事后,晓溪是否能继续与他在一起?

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