Kek Champion
Telecast Info:

Audio: Malay
Genre: Variety

In this new reality baking competition, 10 of Singapore's home-bakers battle out in Kek Champion's kitchen to be declared the winner of Kek Champion. Every week, our hosts, Huda Ali and Chef Bob, would give the contestants two challenges for them to showcase their strengths. The challenges will test not only their skills but how far they would go to get that title. As with every competition show, there will be an elimination every week as well as a baker of the week who will be given the red apron. When a Surprise Challenge is given, how would the bakers react to it ? Would they perform to their best of their abilities or crumble under pressure ? From baking croquembouche towers to Kek Lapis, who can prove that they are truly a Kek Champion ? Kek Champion merupakan pertandingan realiti membuat kek pertama di Suria. 10 peserta akan bertanding untuk merebut gelaran juara Kek Champion. Hos-hos kami, Chef Bob & Huda Ali akan menguji kepakaran para peserta dengan dua cabaran setiap minggu. Satu peserta yang cemerlang akan diberikan apron merah untuk disarung sepanjang minggu seterusnya, manakala satu peserta pula akan disingkirkan setiap minggu. Bagaimanakah prestasi peserta apabila diberikan cabaran kejutan ? Bagaimana pula mereka mengawal tekanan berada di dapur Kek Champion ? Dari menara croquembouche ke Kek Lapis, mereka akan diuji dengan pelbagai cabaran untuk membuktikan mereka layak untuk menjadi juara Kek Champion.

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