Till We Meet Again - The Prequel 千年来说对不起之前传

Legend has it that a thousand years ago, there was a mighty war pitted against the dark forces in the celestial realm. Jiu Weihu had manipulated and lured Sun Wukong away, thus causing a major delay in the rescue of Tangseng, resulting in the monk’s tragic death. By the time Wukong got back to him, Tangseng and the other companions had already fallen into the venomous wiles of the vixen. This abruptly halted the end of the quest of the scriptures in the West. Wukong was (understandably) in rage and blinded by anger and hate. To make matters worse, Wukong had misunderstood that Caiyue had caused the death of his companions. Gouging out his eyes, Wukong swore never to see her again. A regretful Caiyue pleads with the Goddess of Mercy for leniency. Sensing her sincere repentance, the Goddess grants her a time frame of a thousand years, to allow Caiyue to search for the love of her life Wukong, in order to resolve the grievances, resentments and misunderstandings from the past. 话说千年前,一场妖魔大混战, 九尾狐设计陷害,利用采月引开孙悟空,导致耽误了孙悟空拯救唐僧的时间,以致唐僧惨遭杀害 ! ! ! 悟空赶来之际, 众同僚已遭九尾狐毒手 ! 取经之路,竟就此告终 ! ! 悟空痛苦不堪,悲愤不已 ! 而 一直深爱悟空的采月更被悟空误会是害死所有伙伴的凶手 ! 悟空自掏双目,誓言永世不愿再见采月 ! 铸成大错后的采月后悔莫及,采月向观音菩萨苦苦求情, 欲弥补过错;观音最终答应赐予千年时限,让采月找寻轮回后的悟空,化解恩怨, 以解这场西天取经之浩劫。。。

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