It has been eight years since Luo Qifang gambled with Xiufeng . When the latter died , Qifang was sentenced to life imprisonment . Since then , Yan Fei has been doing charity work . At the opening of a new hospital he has built , Nurse Jiang Yexue is exhilarated when he presents every doctor and nurses with a gambling chip as souvenir . Yexue's brother , Luoqi , has used her name to borrow money to gamble . She too decides to try her luck at the casino . Luo Shunfeng arrives at the casino to challenge Yan Fei , but the latter is out visiting his wife . Yexue loses her bet with Shenfeng and is nearly forced to spend the night with him when Yan Fei returns . He leaves again when told Qifang has been attacked in her cell . Qifang escapes death with help from Yingfeng . Both she and Yan Fei fall into the sea when their helicopter explodes . Synopses taken from 8 DAYS

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