The Recruit Diaries 阿兵新传

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

“Recruit Diaries” recounts the experiences of a group of recruits as they undergo National Service . This is a rite of passage for every Singaporean male youth when he turns 18 years old . Watch Blog Prince Chen Guanxi , brawny but brainless Lin Daiyu , Lobang King Ye Laixiang , self - professed Romeo Qin Sheng and Fatty Ah Ber as they encounter the NS first - hand . The mercenary Laixiang stoops to any possible means just to make a profit , and lands the recruits in a number of sticky situations . Meanwhile , tensions rise as Daiyu refuses to help his comrades to improve their marksmanship . Ah Ber struggles with weight issues by resisting his food cravings . Other problems that the recruits have to deal with include a missing rifle , the IPPT and completing the strenuous 24km road march . Homesickness starts to set in , and tempers begin to flare . Will they be able to overcome the multitude of problems in store for them ?

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