The Golden Path 黄金路

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

The story begins in the early 80s . . . Xiao Gu , a young widow with three children set up a street stall named 'Happy Restaurant' to earn a living . She meets a new love , Ah Jin , but he is exposed as a robber on their wedding day and is shot by the police . On his deathbed , he pleads with Xiao Gu to take care of his two children , Jinlong and Jinfeng . With her optimism towards life , Xiao Gu readily takes on the challenge of raising five young children . Over the years , her good business acumen makes her restaurant a success , and she even ventures into other businesses . While her business thrives , Xiao Gu's family is slowly consumed by misunderstanding and animosity . While her own children Kaida , Kaijie and Kaiqi are hardworking and look set for a bright future , Jinlong turns out to be a loafer and Jinfeng daydreams about becoming an actress . As Xiao Gu's children each took a different path in life , their hostility deepens and the family breaks apart . . Will Xiao Gu's optimism hold or will she finally succumb to the adversity of her life ?

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