Samsui Women

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

A 24 - part series “Samsui Woman” explores the hard and gruesome lives of these women who , in order to support their family in China , leaves their homeland Sanshui to work as labourers in construction sites in Singapore . Things , of course do not go as smoothly as planned and when some of them are laid off from work for fighting , Ah Xiu , unable to resist the hardships , succumbs to the bait of a bar - owner and becomes a waitress where she was almost raped and even beaten up when she refused to give in to a customer’s delirious demands . Ah Gui , on the other hand , falls in love with a driver but finds that she is unable to marry him as her parents in China had arranged a marriage for her . After the arranged marriage , not only had she to support her parents and husband , she also had to send money home for her husband to find a mistress to bear children for the family since she is away . A definite tear - jerker , also guaranteed to send the adrenaline rising with exciting scenes – loan sharks killing for unpaid loans and scoundrels forcing innocent young girls into prostitution . “Samsui Woman” – a serial not to be missed . Starring: Zeng Hui Fen , Hong Hui Fang , Huang Wen Yong and Li Wen Hai . This serial received high ratings and is very popular with both local and foreign audiences .

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