My Agent Is A Hero 流氓經紀
Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言 Some Sexual References 些许性相关语

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Comedy

“My Agent is a Hero” follows the story of Bert, a reformed gangster turned property agent who forms a reluctant partnership with Suzy, an intelligent and result-orientated agent. Together, the two must learn to set aside their differences and put the interest of their clients before themselves. The series follows their comical struggles of working together only to realize that they have been soul mates all along. 一个曾经是个流氓,在社会毫无贡献,后来弃暗投明,重新做人,成为一个房屋经纪。另一个呢,从小就读书聪明,家庭背景也良好,受过高等的教育,生活至今一帆风顺,做了房屋经纪后,业绩也一向名列前茅。一个叫Bert,一个叫Suzy。他们两人如今需要一起合作,却不知道其实在多年前,他们早就认识对方了...

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