Cast Info

Jeremy Chan as Bert (age 27)

A reformed gangster turned property agent. Despite his troubled past, Bert is a man with a heart of gold and is willing to help anyone in need. He understands what it’s like to feel helpless and ostracized. He often comes up with rather ridiculous, unconventional but rather effective ways of solving problems or handling his clients. He tends to give off a rather Ah-Beng qualities of street talk and mannerism.




Carrie Wong as Suzy (age 27)

A result-driven and competitive agent. Suzy is very articulate when it comes to selling houses and she can turn anything into a selling point even there are no visible qualities. She takes her reputation as a property agent seriously and is very conscious of her self-image.




Andie Chen as Max (age 30)

A rather humor-less and boring guy with an IT-related profession. He doesn’t seem to have or exhibit an opinion of his own but he does give his loved ones a sense of stability and security.




Kate Pang as Jean (age 27)

Jean comes from a well-off family and has everything she wants since young. Because she has been pampered since young, Jean becomes a rather spoilt emotional and needy cry-baby. She is quick to judge and quick to anger.



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