Museum Mysteries
Telecast Info:

Audio: English
Genre: Info-Ed, Children and Family, Older Kids (7-12)

Time-travelling historian and explorer extraordinaire, Captain Mer Lai En, is on a quest to recruit crew members to join him on his artefact collecting missions all around the world and all across time! It’s going to be an adventure of historic proportions but becoming a crew member is not going to be easy. Not only do wannabe crew members have to succeed in solving all of the Captain’s challenges and puzzles, they must also help Captain Mer Lai En fix the time-machine’s flux chronometer (a.k.a the time machine’s engine). Will they fail or will they succeed? Each week, 2 pairs of children (aged 8-11) will compete to answer history based trivia questions & complete physical tasks. Each episode is based on a theme and there are 3 Rounds and 1 Bonus Round in Museum Mysteries.

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