Little Maestros 小当家
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Info-Ed

Some youths live in a bubble of first world problems. Others grew up burdened by responsibilities. LITTLE MAESTROS takes us on a journey across Asia to meet these tough young breadwinners. In each episode, we follow the host to explore their circumstances, sacrifices and forgotten childhood dreams.当我们身边的小孩在玩着平板电脑,哭吵着要到哪个游乐场去玩的时候,有些命运坎坷的小孩已经扛起了照顾家庭的重任,承担了不是他们年龄该承担的压力。《小当家》将在主持人的引领下,走进一个个小小却无比坚强勇敢的幼稚心灵,聆听他们的故事,真实了解他们每天所肩负的责任,他们的辛酸与痛苦,他们的快乐童真与梦想。

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