Dennis Uncovers 周公找茶

Dennis - - our well - known Radio DJ cum comedian - - inviting his celebrity friends over for kopi, we can expect a no - holds - barred chit chat. While the caffeine takes effect, Dennis works on dishing out secrets from his guests. The Celebrities are not restricted to famous people in showbiz. They include successful people in the world of sports, arts or fashion. Set in a café with cameras almost not in sight, recording starts the moment our host Dennis steps into the café. Henceforth, we will not interrupt Dennis and his interviewee so that they have the space and privacy to engage in a heart - to - heart chat. 周公找茶,周公不是来找茬的,是找艺人好友喝茶。全新系列”放松式谈话性实境节目”,周公与朋友相约在咖啡馆,享受属于他们的两人世界,12架隐藏式摄影机,全程不喊卡,窥探艺人名人之间的私密对话,集结各种爆笑、温馨、感人、励志小故事,带大家重新认识每一位值得新加坡骄傲的艺人与名人。与周公畅谈的朋友包括李铭顺、郑惠玉、董姿彦、黄靖伦、巫俊峰、叶品秀、插班生、Tosh、Butterworks…。观赏须知:请搭配一杯Teh - O或Kopi会更入味。

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