Exlosers S2 (TIF)
Available for Toggle-It-First
Telecast Info:

Audio: English
Genre: Children and Family, Drama, Older Kids (7-12)

Exlosers, the TV Series, is adapted from the popular local book series “Exlosers”, by Jessica Alejandro. It tells the stories of four lonely misfits in Brightstar School Class 5B – Darryl, Janice, Mundi and Clandestino. The series explores how they found friendships in one another and when they discovered each other’s deepest secret, or rather, superpowers. The show is about these kids’ struggles with their super powers. They also encounter the usual pangs of growing up. How to handle school bullies ? How to be popular ? How to get their parents to understand them ? And understand why their parents do what they do, for them. Together and through their superhuman powers, they learn to stand up to the school bullies and face their fears. It is a series packed with comedy, action, adventure, cool special effects, laughter and tears. In Season 2, the four superheroes reunite to bring more entertainment, compelling stories and fun situations back to the screen and into the homes of their fans.

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