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Some Sexual References 些许性相关语

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Info-Ed

Voices is an investigative talk show which delves deep into current issues that Singaporeans face . Unlike previous talk shows , the program will visit different corners of the island , conduct field interviews , and collect public opinion . The voices of all sectors will be presented for invited guests and hosts to further discuss . In addition , professionals from various industries will be invited to showcase multiple perspectives for analysis and discussion . 《听我说》是一个谈话性节目,针对时下热门话题进行讨论。跟以往不同的是,节目将走访岛国不同角落,实地采访,收集民意,把各界的声音在节目里一一呈献。此外,节目也将邀请各行业的专业人士如社工、律师、心理医生、医生等,从不同立场和观点,从多角度看问题、进行分析、展开讨论。

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