The Guardians 守护者
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Info-Ed

This series features inspirational and heart-warming stories of caregivers and volunteers in different countries. Through their real-life accounts, we examine social issues and the profound meaning behind their work. Witness the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary people, and the lives they touch with their nurturing hands. 世界各地的每一个角落,总有一个个守护者,为其想守护的生命付出努力与坚持。他们无私的奉献,叙述了许多感动人心的故事。节目通过各地守护者投入与使命背后的励志故事,揭开各地相关的社会课题,引发观众深思守护者的意义,从“平凡中的不平凡”视角,体现社会温情的一面。

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