Taste From Home 幸福乡味
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Food, Info-Ed, Travel

What does Singaporean residing overseas miss most from home ? The answer is probably food ! In this brand new series Taste From Home, our hosts visit some Singaporeans who have been away from home and attempt to replicate a dish that he or she misses most from home.世界上什么菜最好吃?答案是家乡菜。异地生活的游子,一想起家乡美味,总会真情流露、百感交集。全新资讯节目《幸福乡味》,主持人将寻访在世界各地的新加坡人,烹调他们所熟悉的家乡美食,传递来自家的问候与温馨。

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