Ghost of Relativity 《鬼同你OT》

Ghost of Relativity is a 2015 Hong Kong romantic-comedy with a supernatural theme television drama starring Moses Chan, Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu as the main cast

Channel U - Ghost of relativity Feature

Monday to Friday, 7-9pm on Channel U



 May Suen Suk-Mui (Kristal Tin) is an absent-minded, dim-witted, unambitious thirty-something year old, who gets lucky during her job interview as a receptionist at GSZ Architects Limited. The human resources manager Ma Mei-ching, had unconsidered her for the position after seeing she was late to the interview and had unimpressive work experience. However office manager Gin Keung Yung (Nancy Wu) comes to May's defense when the human resource manager loudly mocks May in front of others. Gin points out the flaws of the other applicants and deems them unpresentable for the receptionist job. With Gin's comments about the other applicants, May is hired on the spot against the human resource manager's wishes.

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