Business As Usual 买卖
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Info-Ed

Can money buy everything ? From hair, manure to time, if someone sees its value, anything can be a commodity. "Business As Usual" explores the unique trades of the world, uncovering why they have emerged and revealing how they closely intertwine with societal changes and human nature. 是不是只要有钱,什么都买得到?无论是头发、粪便、时间或尊严,只要有需求,就有市场,一切都可以交易。《买卖》节目探讨各地奇特的买卖与交易链。买卖双方如何进行交易?为什么市场上会出现如此奇异的需求?这又突显了现代社会怎么样奇特的社会现像、文化习俗与人性?

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