All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Eric Loke who is highly intelligent and academically brilliant forged his degree and was exposed by his supervisor. Just as Eric is feeling frightened and anxious, his hacker friend from England, Justin, tells him that someone with great financial power is eyeing the programme that they had written together and is willing to pay. Eric is told to go to Taipei to prove that the programme can make ATMs dispense cash automatically. He contacted his best friend Ye Dong Huang, who is doing culinary studies in Taipei, to perform the test, not knowing that they are about to become part of an international crime involving illegal withdrawal of NT$80 million from ATMs in Taipei. 聪明过人、自小成绩优异的Eric路瑞克不得已伪造学历被主管揭发。Eric心生恐惧之际,接到英国骇客朋友Justin来讯相邀,说两人之前写的某程式受到青睐,请Eric到台北测试他所写的程式能否让ATM提款机自动吐钞。他到了台北,与台北学习厨艺的好友叶栋煌联络,一起做测试,没想到两人一起涉入了八千万台币的ATM跨国吐钞案。

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