Julie Tan: I’ve touched everyone’s bosom

Actress reveals how she bonds with her Peace and Prosperity co-stars


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What’s the fastest way to get to know your co-stars … intimately? Rather than spend time reading lines or chatting over coffee, Julie Tan took a more direct approach.

“We compare the size of our assets — mine are the smallest — we have a ranking too,” said the actress, who plays one of six sisters in the upcoming longform drama Peace and Prosperity.

“And I’ll tell you, I’ve touched everyone’s bosom.”


Being part of an all-female group on set has offered the actresses — Belinda Lee, Tong Bingyu, Dawn Yeoh, Tracy Lee, Julie and relative newcomer Michelle Wong — an unusual means of bonding and developing their chemistry as onscreen sisters.

“One time during filming, I suddenly noticed my clothes didn’t fit right, and I realised Belinda had unclasped my undergarment,” Julie said. “That started a trend among the six of us: We went around unhooking one another’s bras.”


Who’s who
The cast of Peace and Prosperity held the soft launch for the show on the set of the longform drama yesterday. The series will replace Life — Fear Not, currently airing on Channel 8, on April 4.

At the heart of the series is the Huang family, whose patriarch (played by Zhang Wei) runs a traditional Chinese medicine practice with his daughter-in-law (played by Xiang Yun) aided by a couple of her six daughters.

The actors themselves aren’t spared from the confusion that comes with being part of a 22-member cast. This is the first time Xiang Yun plays a mother with so many children, she said. “I’m the worst with names so I mix up the characters — I’ll look at one daughter and call her by the name of another,” the actress said.

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