You Can Be An Angel S3 你也可以是天使3 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

As a nurse aiding in yearly health screenings in Ai De Hospital, Ruo Jun’s (Zoe Tay) impressive performance has impressed APN Yuan Bin (Pierre Png) , thus earning her an position to lead the Community Care Team (CCT). Yuan Kai (Edwin Goh), Ying Jie (Joshua Tan) , Xiao Rou (Bonnie Loo), Yu Tian (Paige Chua) , Si Yan (Carrie Wong) and Yao Yang (Desmond Tan) subsequently join CCT. As they embark on this new journey together, problems start brewing. Ruo Jun’s husband went missing. To add to her shock, she finds out that he has a foster daughter who suffers from heart disease. Yu Tian and Yao Yang are tasked to take care of their father who has abandoned the family. Yuan Bin has to face his ex-girlfriend whom he had neglected during their relationship. He is consumed with guilt upon learning that she suffers from grave illness. Will the nurses be able to resolve their personal problems and shine in their jobs ? 爱德医院进行健康检查,负责社区护理Community Care Team(CCT)的APN袁斌(方展发)见若君冷静应付紧急事故,建议若君转到社区护理,领导一个小组。若君了解了CCT的工作后,欣然接受挑战。同时,CCT也迎来袁凯(吴劲威)、英杰(陈维恩)、晓柔(罗美仪)等年轻新护士和刚调来的护士长夏雨恬(蔡琦慧)。思彦(黄思恬)表示对社区护理有兴趣并加入CCT,与新加入的夏耀阳(陈泂江)同在若君领导的小组。 当他们在新的领域上奋斗时,问题开始渐渐出现。若君的丈夫在国外失踪了,还发现他还抚养了一个患有心脏病的女孩。雨恬和耀阳遇见了当年抛妻弃子的父亲,始终无法原谅他。袁斌的前女友病重住院,因为过去不够关心她,而对她有愧疚感。护士们是否能面对生活上的挑战,在各自的工作上中发光呢?

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