While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

He Zi Jun (Shaun Chen) always thought he led a charmed life; a good job, a happy marriage and a beautiful family, until his wife Wu Shen Mei (Yvonne Lim) met with an accident and fell into a coma. Zi Jun’s beautiful life starts to crumble as he realizes that all is but a façade created by Shen Mei. He finds out that his son suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, and he has difficulty taking his rebellious daughter in hand. On top of that, he also has to manage his philandering father-in-law and debt-ridden brother-in-law. At work, he has to vie with a new ‘competitor’ Man Rong (Ya Hui) who just joined the company. Zi Jun soon discovers that underneath the loving image of a dutiful wife, Shen Mei hides a double life. Shen Mei miraculously wakes up from her coma, but the beautiful façade has vanished. Can they still return to their picture-perfect life? 何子骏(陈泓宇),在外人看来就是人生赢家;事业成功,在北极星集团担任总经理,家庭美满,有个美丽动人的妻子吴森美(林湘萍) 。对何子骏来说,人生夫复何求? 直到有一天,妻子发生了意外,深度昏迷,子骏才慢慢发现自己完美的生活也只不过是个谎言。 原来这一切都是森美制造出来的幻觉,子骏的世界也渐渐瓦解。他发现孩子们并不是他想像中的那么乖巧;儿子患有亚斯伯格症,而女儿叛逆又难管教。祸不单行,他还得应付有外遇的岳父,以及解决小舅子的债务问题。在工作上,他遇上了新的竞争对手,曼蓉 (雅慧)。 子骏还发现,外表看似贤淑的妻子原来隐藏着许多不可告人的秘密。当森美终于从昏睡中苏醒后,她制造出来的完美世界也灰飞烟灭。到底子骏和森美是否能排除万难,解决一切的难题,重新建立一个完美幸福的家庭呢?

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