What's In The Fridge? S2 冰箱的秘密 2
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Food, Variety

In the last series, the three hosts selected their mysterious partner by blind selection segment and picked their refrigerators together. They made use of the various ingredients in the refrigerator to create a theme - based cuisine. Today, "What's In The Fridge" is back. The challenge has upgraded. Let us continue to explore the secrets of health and the delicious ! 上个系列,三位主持人以"见手不见人"的盲选方式,挑选神秘拍档,再挑选冰箱,并利用冰箱内各种不同的食材,即兴烹调出一道符合主题的料理。如今《冰箱的秘密》重新出击,挑战升级,在切磋厨艺的同时,也让我们继续发掘健康和美味的秘密!

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