Thrift Hunters 我赚到了!
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Entertainment, Variety

This new program will be introducing a variety of discounts at shops and restaurants, as well as some free activities to our audience. Besides getting more information about saving, the most important thing is, we can gain happiness, health, time, experience and conveniences, in order to make our life more fulfilling and happy.在这信息化和高消费的年代,人人都要懂得如何理性的消费,因此节目将以轻松的方式,在本地穿街走巷,介绍各种有优惠价的商店、餐馆、休闲好去处、以及一些免费的活动,希望大家能从中获得更多有关消费的信息,最重要是,除了能节省金钱,也能赚到快乐、健康、时间、体验和各种的便利,让大家的生活过得更加充实与快乐。

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