The Love 97.2 Breakfast Quartet - Listen to Me 玉建煌崇 – 我讲你来听
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Talk Show, Variety

What started out as a radio show featuring 4 well-loved personalities - namely DJs Marcus Chin, Dennis Chew, Chen Biyu and Mark Lee - enjoyed such great success that it spun off to a TV show. Now with Dialect talk show, our beloved hosts are back to bring their unique brand of humour to our TV audiences. Each episode will begin with an opening skit to introduce the topic of the week and lead on to the talk show segment whereby our 4 hosts will banter on the hottest issues in Singapore. There will be much fun and laughter, while they attempt to demystify some of the public's perception about common policies. The whole program is broadcast in dialect, and is sure to bring us closer to our senior citizen audience. 玉建煌崇,这个从电台节目发迹,并且深受欢迎的主持组合,将他们的幽默诙谐继续带到电视节目中!节目以轻松诙谐的模拟短剧,加上四位主持人的谈笑风生和分享亲身经验,让观众在嬉笑之余,从中获知资讯,也破解大众对于政策的常见迷思。节目全程以方言播映,拉近与乐龄人士的距离!

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