The Destined One 众里寻一
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

Six gorgeous female panelists will get to meet four male candidates who come from different walks of life. Celebrities will also play the role of Cupid to help the guests determine their Destined One. Only one candidate will make it through the final round to express his feeling to the girl he likes. Will he succeed? Stay tuned. 首集,6位才貌出众的女嘉宾,面对4位来自各行各业的有缘人,通过艺人红娘、月老的推荐,还有彼此交流之后,哪一位有缘人率先被女嘉宾淘汰?两位分数较高的有缘人还会带来精彩的才艺表演,为自己加分!而最终成功被留下的有缘人到底是谁,他能否表白成功?请拭目以待!

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