The Destined One 众里寻一
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

“The Destined One” is a reality dating show featuring artistes/celebrities as matchmakers, who will help introduce potential candidates to a panel consists of 6 guests of the opposite gender. The matchmakers will use their gift of gab when introducing the potential candidates to the panel. There will be different rounds of introduction, each unveiling more information about the potential candidates. Only one candidate will be able to survive through several rounds of elimination. He/she will then express his/her thoughts to one of the panelists. If the other party accepts, then it is deemed a successful match.《众里寻一》是本地首创由艺人为单身男女牵线的交友节目!每一期,有6位男嘉宾或女嘉宾,面对艺人红娘、月老和他们代表的4位有缘人,节目仿效传统,双方在不见面的情况下,通过红娘、月老的卖力介绍、一步一步了解对方。节目设淘汰环节,最终只有一位有缘人能留下,向心仪的嘉宾表白,如果对方接受就是牵线成功!

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