Taste of Nanyang 翻乡找味
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Arts and Heritage, Food, Info-Ed, Variety

Culture and customs have lots of hidden charm and characteristics ! The full-fledged, fun-filled root-seeking program, "Taste of Nanyang", besides teaching traditional cuisine at the same time insert with quiz games in a simple and easy way. It provides opportunity for everyone to discover the cultural knowledge that will let everyone understand their heritage and different communities in Singapore. Furthermore to enhance and profound moral sentiment.传统文化、籍贯习俗中,隐藏的是:无限的魅力和特色!诚意满满,趣味十足的寻根节目《翻乡找味》,通过道道传统美食,外加深入浅出的问答游戏,引导大家,发掘就在身边垂手可得的难得知识,加深大家对新加坡各大籍贯和不同社群博大精深的道德情操和精神风貌。

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