Taste of Love 两代美味关系
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Entertainment, Variety

Taste of Love is a brand-new variety programme combining interview, food & family interaction through a fun and heart-warming manner. Local celebrity dads/mums, as well as their children, will be sharing the bitter-sweet moments they had, and their perspective of food. Celebrity dads/mums will be cooking a well-loved home cooked dish for their children, while 2 other celebrity chefs try to replicate the dish using the same ingredients. Will the up and rising second generation celebs be able to taste the differences and identify the home-cooked dish made by their dads/mums ? The test of family unity plays a crucial part in the programme, hoping to emphasize on the importance of communication between two generations, and draw a closer relationship through various dishes. 一个集访谈、美食、亲子关系于一体、轻松又温馨的全新综艺节目。 在主持人李腾和赖怡伶的穿针引线下,让本地演艺圈的星爸/星妈与他们的孩子,一起来分享生活中的喜怒哀乐、以及两代之间的美食观。星爸/星妈也会下厨,烹煮一道星二代爱吃的家常菜,加上2 位名厨也一起以同样食材煮出同样的菜色,来考验星二代是否能吃出星爸/ 星妈所煮的家常味道?节目强调的是家庭凝聚力的重要性,希望两代之间,能够多沟通,同时以美食来增强他们的亲子关系。

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