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The most highly anticipated event of the year in local entertainment, Star Awards 2018, will be held at the MES Theatre at Mediacorp on 22nd April 2018. Invited guests include local and global celebrities, advertisers, who’s who in the industry and of course, fans. . 

Since its inauguration in 1994, Star Awards has evolved to meet the ever changing needs of our audiences: each new edition reflecting the latest trends, higher production values and technological advancements. The show also strives to celebrate the achievements of those who have contributed to local entertainment through categories that best reflect the industry.

The 24th edition of Star Awards 2018 will be exciting, with key enhancements to deliver the best possible experience for our audiences. This year, the awards ceremony will be followed by a post-show party, where a total of 15 key awards will be handed out.

This year’s awards will also see three key enhancements for selected categories. They are: 

(1) Tabulation of results for Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female artistes

Each year, a poll of 1,000 people representing a wide demographic across Singapore’s population, conducted independently by an accredited market research company,  will be used to identify the top 20 Male and Female artistes who will go on to the next round of public voting.

This year, 50% of the final results will be derived from this pool of 1,000 people; while the other 50% will comprise telepoll and online votings as a measure of their fan support. These are part of continuous efforts by the Star Awards Committee to measure the popularity of the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female artistes in the most representative way.

(2) Eligibility criteria for performance and popularity categories

To recognise the contributions to local television more broadly, this year’s awards will open up nominations to non-Mediacorp artistes.  The Star Awards Committee decided to make this move after considering the constructive feedback of industry watchers and audiences.

Artistes are now eligible if they fulfil any of the following requirements: They must have played either a lead role in a drama, a lead host in a variety-infotainment show, or a supporting role/assistant host in three eligible programmes or at least 30 episodes out of all eligible programmes.

(3) Judging criteria for the Evergreen Artiste Award

The Evergreen Artiste Award recognises contributions by industry veterans. Past judging criteria was based on one single showcase, but with the revision this year, the artiste will now be judged on his or her performances for the entire year, allowing them to be considered for their versatility over various roles.

红星大奖2018》​​​​​​​ 颁奖典礼
Star Awards 2018
22 April 2018 (Sunday) 7pm to 10pm
(Live) Channel 8 & Channel U & Toggle

红星大奖2018 庆功宴
Star Awards 2018 Post Show Party
22 April 2018 (Sunday) 10.30pm to 11pm
(Live) Channel 8 & Channel U & Toggle

红星大奖2018 (重播)
Star Awards 2018 (Encore Telecast) 

29 April 2018 (Sunday) 3pm to 6pm
Channel 8

红星大奖2018 庆功宴(重播)
Star Awards 2018 Post-Show Party (Encore Telecast) 

29 April 2018 (Sunday) 6pm to 6.30pm
Channel 8



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