Mediacorp embarks on its latest talent search! Hosted by Mediacorp artistes Lee Teng; and Bonnie Loo and YES 933 DJ Gao Meigui, SPOP SING! is an initiative to showcase and curate local music compositions, heighten the awareness of Singapore music and discover the next voice which may put Singapore on the Mandopop map. We are on the search for local talented students aged 13 – 25 years who can lend their voice to the nation with Singapore’s best compositions by creatively reinventing local songs.

Sing! China participants Singaporeans Nathan Hartono and Joanna Dong have been aptly appointed as SPOP SING! ambassadors, together with local singer-songwriter Boon Hui Lu, to lend their support and share singing techniques with the SPOP SING! contestants. They will also be lending their voices to SPOP SING! theme song penned by renowned local songwriter Chen Jiaming and Jim Lim, and film a music video together with the contestants.


《SPOP听我唱》是新传媒崭新大型歌唱选秀节目,由新传媒艺人李腾、罗美仪以及Yes 933电台DJ 高美贵主持。参赛者锁定13至25 岁的在籍学生,我们要寻找新生代歌手,以全新风格完美诠释本地创作!从校园与公开场合的选拔赛到现场直播的大决赛,学生们的竞赛歌曲都将是我们的骄傲 - 本地创作的华文流行歌曲“SPOP”!无论参赛者选唱的是80年代的新谣,或是目前音乐排行榜上的热门歌曲,通过新生代的重新演绎,观众将会发现,许多耳熟能详的热门歌曲其实是本地词曲作者的创作!除了给予本地创作肯定和新生命,《SPOP听我唱》也希望借此找寻一把登得上大型音乐舞台的新生代好声音! 《SPOP听我唱》的宣传大使是扬名国际的本地歌手向洋、董姿彦和文慧如,他们除了会走进校园与学生参赛者交流和给予支持,大使们也将和获选进入复赛的20强参赛者合唱由本地音乐大师陈佳明和林倛玉所创作的《SPOP听我唱》主题曲,并一同录制音乐录像。

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