Old Is Gold 老友万岁
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Centenarian Home is a nursing home and elderly day care centre managed by Aunty Shan. The residents come from all walks of life, each with their own stories to tell. What secrets does the model resident of the nursing home hide ? Why is a cheeky grandfather with many grandchildren staying in the nursing home ? What does a long lost son hope to gain from a father suffering from dementia ? Why does an old architect with a seemingly good life keep telling lies ? When Aunty Shan was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she decides to pass the management of her beloved nursing home to a newly recruited nurse Xin Xin (Rui En). Without much experience coupled with her own set of personal problems, can Xin Xin rise to the occasion and hold the fort until Aunty Shan is back ? 千岁之家是由院长善姨(李司棋)经营的爱老院兼日间托老中心。这些居民来自不同社会阶层,都有着各自的人生故事:模范老人背后隐藏了什么秘密?儿孙满堂的色爷爷为什么流连养老院?痴呆老人竟然有一个混血儿子回来寻亲?生活很幸福的老建筑师为何满口谎言? 善姨不幸罹患癌症,指定新报到的护士韩欣欣(瑞恩)继承她的工作。面对着婚姻以及家庭问题,经验不足的欣欣将如何面对未来的挑战?面临内忧外患,千岁之家能不能在众人齐心协力之下,挡住暴风雨,迎接雨后彩虹的到来?

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