My One in a Million 我的万里挑一 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Yan Shu Yu (Carrie Wong) is a modern day matchmaker who inherited the family business of matchmaking. Unlike her clairvoyant aunt, Shu Yu lacks the talent but still manages to make a name for herself online as “Lunar” the matchmaker. TV Producer Kent (Jeffrey Xu) saw the potential in Shu Yu and invites her and her boyfriend Herman to participate in his matchmaking TV show, The Destined One. Just before recording, Shu Yu knocked her head and fainted. When she awakes, she sees a red thread between Herman and another female contestant. The next day, she learnt that Herman has proposed to the female contestant. Like her aunt, Shu Yu has developed the ability to see a match made in heaven. But there’s a curse, she will remain single for the rest of her life! She learned that she can break the curse if she is able to match-make a jinxed person. She finds a jinx in Ding Yi (Lawrence Wong), who can’t find a girlfriend because of his strong body odour. Determined to change her own destiny, Shu Yu gives her all to help Ding Yi find the right one, with much hilarity. But as fate will have it, they find themselves falling in love. What will become of these two cursed and jinxed lovers? 现代红娘严书彧(黄思恬)是李红娘婚庆喜铺的接班人。书彧的姨婆据说是月老钦定的红娘,在60、70年代促成了多对男女美满幸福的婚姻。书彧没有姨婆传说中能够洞悉姻缘的能力,但为了家族事业,书彧还是留在店里,靠着小聪明和口才,化名Lunar在网上搞了相亲频道。 节目监制Kent(徐鸣杰)看上了书彧的潜能,让她和国际著名摄影师男朋友Herman上节目。录影当晚,与书彧是结过怨的节目编导杨定一(王冠逸)作弄书彧,导致书彧撞到头晕倒。书彧及时醒来参与录影,竟看到Herman与一女嘉宾之间有若隐若现的红线。书彧以为是撞到头的后遗症,不料Herman真的与女嘉宾牵线成功,之后还向书彧提出分手,与女嘉宾闪婚!书彧从月老庙的庙祝那里得知,姨婆是红娘命格,有成就婚姻的能力,但代价是孤独终老,否则心上人将有血光之灾! 但是,只要找到天煞孤星,帮他找到姻缘,就能改变命运。没想到天煞孤星就是书彧的冤家对头杨定一。定一靠近心仪女生会心跳加速,身体散发异味,所以一直交不到女朋友。书彧想尽办法协助定一克服狐臭问题,赢得美人归,过程搞笑却让两人多了很多接触。定一发觉得书彧与众不同,竟对她产生了感情。定一向书彧表白,愿意与书彧面对,就算真的有血光之灾也心甘情愿。书彧是否会接受定一,有情人终成眷属?

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