Life Less Ordinary 小人物向前冲 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Xiao Qiao (Xiang Yun) and Chen Feng (Chen Li Ping) used to be close like sisters. However, they turn into bitter enemies after falling for the same man. For many years, the duo will bring their animosity into their workplace, causing tension amongst the other employees. Others believed that Xiao Qiao is left on the shelf for good, but she secretly carries a torch for her boss Zheng Ye (Bernard Tan). In her youth, Chen Feng mixed with the wrong crowd and is often in and out of jail. She eventually gives birth to a son Ya Long (Romeo Tan) who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Intern Qi Ji (Bonnie Loo) finds out that Zi Yang (Ian Fang) is the son of Zheng Ye, who is the owner the factory. She later uncovers something even more shocking; that her foster mother Ruo Yun (Cynthia Koh) is the biological mother of Zi Yang and the former wife of Zheng Ye! Zheng Ye refuses to forgive Ruo Yun for abandoning the family, but later finds out that he has misunderstood her. Shu Qi (Felicia Chin) is very supportive of her boyfriend, Xu Tao (Jeffrey Xu), whose dream is to be a star. To get the fame that he always wanted, Xu Tao agrees to spend a night with a wealthy lady, at Shu Qi’s expense. Shu Qi feels betrayed and break up with him. She then seeks Ya Long for comfort and they become closer. Zi Yang breaks up with Wen Jie (Jayley Woo) and gets together with Qi Ji. Wen Jie is extremely bitter about the break up and plots to sabotage their relationship. 小巧(向云)和陈凤(陈莉萍)原本是好姐妹,但是为了一个男人而成为冤家,两人的针锋相对也从家里延伸到了工作的地方,间接的也影响到了其他的员工,也因此闹了不少笑话。别人说小巧嫁不出去,其实小巧不是没有意中人,她暗恋公司的老板正业(陈传之)多年。陈凤年少误入歧途,进出监狱是家常便饭,并未婚产下自闭症儿子亚龙(陈罗密欧)。实习生奇缘(罗美仪)发现礼篮工厂的少东就是梓阳(方伟杰),还发现养母若云(许美珍)是梓阳的亲生母亲!正业原本对若云当年拋夫弃子一事耿耿于怀,后来得知当初是母亲从中作梗。来自邻国的书琦(陈凤玲)很支持男朋友徐涛(徐鸣杰)的明星梦,可是徐涛的星路崎岖,后来为了成名,不惜和富婆进行了桃色交易。书琦对他失望不已,最终以分手收场。饱受失恋折磨的书琦,与陈亚龙日久生情。梓阳和文洁(胡佳琪)因为种种原因导致分手,梓阳反而因为若云的关系,跟奇缘走得更近,从友谊升华成情侣。对梓阳一直无法忘怀的文洁,表面祝福两人,心里其实充满了醋意,并暗中耍手段搞破坏…

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