Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Born into a middle-income family, Zhang Guo Dong (Chew Chor Meng) worked hard as a tour guide before saving enough money to set up his own small travel agency. 30 years later, despite the desire to retire, he struggles to let go of his beloved agency. He finally decides to do so after experiencing the sudden death of a close friend. He left the agency to his four children, Wei Ru (Dawn Yeoh), Wei Le (Jeremy Chan), Wei Na (Jayley Woo) and Wei Jun (Joel Choo). Still worried about his travel agency, Guo Dong returns to Singapore and to everyone’s surprise, brings back a new companion. The young and pretty Jing Wen (Carol Cheng). The appearance of Jing Wen marks the beginning of a perfect storm in the Zhang family as Guo Dong gives her an executive position in the travel agency. What exactly are the intentions of Jing Wen? Will she manage the travel agency successfully, or will her actions create more troubles within the family? 55 岁的张国栋(周初明)年轻时当了导游,后来存了钱开了一家小小的旅行社,完成了自己的童年愿,大赚了钱,常常带家人出国去走走…… 国栋便把旅行社交给四个孩子玮茹(姚懿珊),玮乐(田铭耀),玮娜(胡佳琪),玮俊(朱哲伟)。整天口里嚷着要退休的他,虽然已经把公司交了给孩子,却始终没办法放下,直到约好一起游山玩水的老朋友突然暴毙,国栋才如晴天霹雳醒觉时间不等人,他毅然卸下一辈子的辛劳,出国游玩。国栋结识了在台湾经营民宿的刘静雯(郑家榆),两人一见如故,谱出了老少恋。岂料,静雯的出现让张家起了大风暴。 她毫不留情地指责孩子们不能担当大任,让国栋无法安心退隐,还扬言要帮国栋调教孩子。不满继母横行霸道的行为,众孩子和静雯展开了大斗法。静雯不只掌管家中大权,更以最高主管的身份进入旅行社。 静雯到底怀着什么居心?她会不会成功带领旅行社,把它发扬光大?还是会把张家上下搞得天翻地覆? 

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