I Eat Therefore I am 我食。故我在
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Food, Info-Ed, Travel

"I Eat Therefore I Am" is a travelogue & food show which features the relationship between longevity and food cultures in countries where people lead long and healthy lives. There is a saying "You are what you eat", so what are the right food to eat and lifestyle to adapt ? This show tells you all ! 俗语说 "人如其食",饮食习惯和生活作息与健康长寿有什么关联?世界上有5大长寿地区被统称为蓝区,这些地区长寿者延年益寿的奥秘又是什么呢?《我食故我在》探讨世界各地人们的饮食与养生之道以及不同地区长寿者延年益寿的秘诀,为大家开启健康长寿的神秘之门。

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