Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

24 year-old Lin Chen Xi (Carrie Wong) has decided to migrate with her fiancé when her father suddenly passed away, leaving behind a debt-ridden private bus company. She also discovered that her father has another family. She took over her late father’s company and while she was busy turning it around, her half-sister Yu Lin (Denise Camellia Tan) stole her fiancé and migrated with him instead. Chen Xi eventually met and married Fang Wen Liang (Elvin Ng), who is the young boss of another private bus company. With perseverance and grit, Chen Xi strove to succeed in the male-dominated transport industry. Wen Liang’s assistant, Zhao Yi Yang (Xu Bin) decides to help her rebuild the company. Making things difficult for her at first, Chen Xi’s sheer determination and her will to overcome all of life’s obstacles touches him. When he decides that he wants to face the future together with Chen Xi, she rejects him… 24岁的林晨曦(黄思恬)原本想和男朋友一起负笈海外,可是父亲突然暴毙,留下了债务累累的私人巴士公司。一直以为自己是父亲的独生女的晨曦发现原来她是小三的女儿,还有一个同父异母的同龄姐姐林宇琳(陈楚寰)和一个智商有问题的哥哥林宇星(方伟杰)。当她正在忙着解决巴士公司的债务问题时,宇琳伺机介入,夺走了晨曦的男友,和他一起双宿双飞,离开了新加坡。 晨曦收拾心情,毅然面对一切,这时她生命中重要的男人方文良(黄俊雄)出现了。文良也是私人巴士公司的老板,在很短的时间内确定了对晨曦的感情,晨曦被他打动,答应他的求婚。在巴士司机这个以男性为主的劳动行业里,晨曦坚持做出一番成绩。此时,晨曦生命中出现了另一个男人,赵一阳(徐彬)。晨曦和一阳的缘分开始的十分不快。一阳是文良的助手,不满文良为晨曦付出这么多,甚至为了帮晨曦还债出售公司股份,一阳下意识刁难晨曦,两人不断的发生摩擦和矛盾冲突。后来,一阳看见了晨曦的顽强斗志和坚毅,他终于明白当初文良为什么义无反顾的爱上晨曦,宁为晨曦付出一切,对晨曦伸出援手,他愿意帮晨曦分担一切…

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