Gifted 天之骄子 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Two very different characters who grew up in two distinctly diverse environment, Guan Yao Zu (Elvin Ng) and Li Xiao Yi (Zhang Yao Dong) were once child prodigies. They had to hide their talent due to circumstantial reasons, but their paths crossed when a mysterious rich man engages them to locate his missing son. Will they work together to solve the mystery or will they pit their wits against each other to emerge as the final victor ? 两名性格,成长环境各异,天赋秉异的过气神童: 关耀祖(黄俊雄)和李孝义(张耀栋),因种种的原因致使自己隐藏曾经过人的天赋,直到一神秘富豪以巨额奖金为利诱,欲寻找奇人异士助自己寻找失踪的儿子。在极度有限的条件下找出真凶。怀着不同目的的两人蓄势待发,视为最后的机遇。他们会携手解决这个谜底,还是反目成仇? 一场较量即将开展,谁才是最后的赢家?

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