GeTai Challenge 2018 歌台星力量 兴-旺-发
Telecast Info:

Audio: Hokkien Chinese
Genre: Entertainment, Variety

“Getai Challenge 2018” will feature our newly shortlisted Top 20 contestants together with Season 1’s Top 10 performers. What’s more, the entire show will be in dialect. This will not only capture the essence of our local Getai culture, but also connect better with senior audiences through languages they are most familiar with ! Elderly folks can also learn important government messages from the show. With a new season, comes all new challenges. In each episode, there will be different tests and surprise elements for contestants to showcase their vocals and stage presence. The 18 episodes programme will be packed with excitement and entertainment as the Top 20 “battle it out” and fight for a spot in the Grand Finals. The top 20 includes Angie Lau, Mai Hui, Chen Xiao Xin, Jessie Yeong, Liz Low, Hu Xiu Hui, Zheng Xiao Hui, Shining Sisters, Anderene Choo, Cola Lau, Angel Law, Qiu Wen, Ah Lun, Zhuang Qing Yu, Xie Wen, Tian Yue, Ryan Lian, Jaspers, Jayden Chew, Jason Chung. 《歌台星力量 兴旺发》20强将根据不同的比赛形式和主题,斗歌斗艺,第一系列的10强也将在节目载歌载舞。乐龄朋友也可通过节目,获得重要资讯。 节目共18集,20强歌手为秋文、阿伦、庄清玉、曾詠恒 、谢温、廖永谊、天悦、Jaspers、宏扬、麦卉、刘心玲、陈晓欣、杨千荭、刘丽芝、胡秀惠、郑晓慧、闪亮姐妹、阳光可乐、朱慧真和罗恩琪。

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