All Is Well - Singapore 你那边怎样.我这边Ok - 新加坡篇 (TIF)

Fan Xiao Ai is a gorgeous single lady, who aims to marry into a wealthy family. To her surprise, she really meets the man of her dream at Changi International Airport, a rich man's son named Guo Hao Sen, who is in Singapore to take over Teng Sheng Bank. Not long after he arrives in Singapore, Guo Hao Sen is embroiled in a murder involving the bosses of Long Han Group and Shi Nai Da Company, who are out to take over each other's territory. What kind of a world will Fan Xiao Ai be entering as she gets closer to Guo Hao Sen, who is in the midst of a power struggle? 一个美丽的适婚女子,范筱艾,下了许多功夫打造自己,积极准备嫁入豪门,没想到这一天真的在新加坡樟宜机场遇到了她心目中一百分的富二代,郭豪森。从台湾到新加坡接管腾升银行的郭豪森刚上任因为龙航集团和史耐达的掌权人而被卷入一宗命案,周旋在权势的斗争中。暖着所有心思和郭豪森渐渐有了恋爱火花的范筱艾,会闯入怎么样的一个世界呢?

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