Ah Ma Can Cook 阿嬷来做饭
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Food, Variety

"Ah Ma Can Cook" , will feature one different Ah Ma every week , where she showcases her culinary skills and demonstrates cooking her specialty dish through fun and lively interactions with the hosts . Host Kym Ng will pair with different male artistes to learn from each Ah Ma . While Ah Ma cooks , the duo will be observing her unique cooking patterns and habits , mastering her secret recipes , and at the same time , getting to know more about Ah Ma . 《阿嬷来做饭》是全新实况趣味的烹饪节目。每集节目将邀请一位阿嬷来做菜、示范拿手料理,并传承她的好厨艺。由主持人钟琴搭配不同的男嘉宾主持人,同步跟着阿嬷一起做菜,过程中观察阿嬷烹调的独特方式与习惯、领受她无价的真传,将阿嬷的家传菜肴发扬光大。

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