Julie Tan spills the beans about her April Fool’s joke

The starlet even tricked her fellow celebrities


Photos: Goh Li Xin, Julie Tan/Instagram
Videos: Kimberly Tay, Zhang Jiahao

“Were you guys startled by it?” Julie Tan excitedly cuts in when asked about her recent April Fool’s prank on Instagram, where she uploaded a (now deleted) picture of a female’s hand with a ring on it.

Rest assured, fans of Julie, she’s definitely not engaged. The actress spoke to Toggle at the press conference for upcoming Channel 8 drama My First School, where she plays a pre-school teacher, and revealed more about her prank.

It turns out that the ring in the picture actually belonged to a friend of hers, and Julie had asked to borrow the picture from her for her prank.

“Those who know me well will know that the hand is not mine, cos’ I’m in the middle of filming Peace and Prosperity, and I can’t do my nails right now.”

In Peace & Prosperity, which is currently airing now on Channel 8, Julie plays the tomboyish Zi Hong, who sports clean, unpolished nails.

So who was fooled by the mischievous actress? Julie revealed that on March 31, before she posted the picture up online, she actually sent it to a number of celebrities, including the group chat for the Peace and Prosperity actors.

The actress purposely sent the picture without any caption, and no one suspected a thing. Her onscreen sisters, Belinda Lee and Dawn Yeoh, even came up to her personally and congratulated her, asking how her boyfriend proposed to her.

Word got around and the crew members and co-workers started congratulating Julie too.

“At that point, all I could say was, ‘You guys didn’t see my Instagram account?’”, she laughed. “I mean, I thought I made it very blatant [on Instagram] already, even captioning it ‘Happy April Fool’ (sic).”

The actress also fooled her manager, who fell for her trick hook, line and sinker.

“I sent the picture over to her with no caption as well and she went, ‘Huh? Getting married already ah?  So this one do we release to media or do you want it hush-hush?’”, she said, pointing at her manager gleefully.

But not everyone fell for her trick though! Julie also sent the picture over to Jeanette Aw, who replied, “Haha, April Fool’s right?”

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