Carrie Wong: I feel like a pretty boy now

Actress gets the first bob cut of her life for Mercurial Men role


Photos: TCA, artiste’s social media

When she was told two months ago she would have to have her long locks shorn for her role in the new drama series Mercurial Men, Carrie Wong was at a loss.

“I’d not worn my hair short for two decades,” the 22-year-old said. “I felt insecure and I didn’t know whether a short hairstyle would suit me. I heard that tall girls don’t look good with short hair, so I was afraid.”

The actress even asked the Mercurial Men’s executive producer if she could don a wig instead of going for a haircut, but she was turned down — Soh Bee Lian said the character wouldn’t be convincing otherwise.


So Carrie took the plunge. After her hairstylist assured her her small face suited a bob cut, she had her hair — which reached halfway down her back — trimmed to skim her shoulders two weeks ago. And on Valentine’s Day, she went for it: a graduated, slightly asymmetrical bob.

Explaining her two-step haircut, Carrie said, “I couldn’t bear (to cut it all at once) — how would my fragile soul be able to handle it!”

Pretty boy
Since then, the actress said she’s received plenty of compliments on her new look. “Everyone says it looks good, and I think I look quite dashing now!” she said. “Like those kkotminam (pretty boys) in idol dramas!”

But Carrie doesn’t agree she’ll start attracting amorous attention from other girls, saying she’ll be sure to put on bright lipstick or wear skirts when she goes out.

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