Bryan Wong gains 15 kg of muscle for new drama Hand In Hand

Entertainer and host focuses on returning to acting after 20 years away from his first love

Bryan Wong

Photos: Camelia Ting, Dion Tang, Channel 8
Videos: Foong Mien Shi

To prepare for his leading role in the new family drama Hand In Hand, Bryan Wong gained 15 kg of muscle after spending two to three months in physical training, watching his diet, and eating chicken rice without rice (“Half a chicken for $12 — it’s expensive!”).

But the actor makes it clear he does not favour the chunky gym rat look — after filming wrapped in June he worked hard to lose 12 kg and return to his original physique. “My beefed-up appearance grossed me out, but I was glad people around me appreciated my gym efforts. Colleagues and even aunties on the streets were surprised to see me, and they would pretend to hug me and pinch my arms.”

Bryan was speaking at the Hand In Hand press conference on Tuesday, which was attended by other cast members Jesseca Liu, Aloysius Pang, Seraph Sun, Sora Ma, Ben Yeo, Zheng Geping and Hong Huifang.

The new drama depicts the strained relationship between four siblings in the Hong family, played by Bryan, Jesseca, Seraph and Aloysius, and their quest to fulfill their late mother’s wish. They work together to track down their father, who disappeared 20 years before in connection with a sensational kidnapping case.

Bryan does double duty, playing the roles of the father and the eldest Hong sibling, who is a ruffian involved in illegal gambling.

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