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Singapore has evolved from a small fishing village to a cosmopolitan city today. The success of our nation was built on care and contribution by individuals and groups. Through selfless acts by both ordinary and influential Singaporeans, we have forged a caring and inclusive home, where we support one another through acts of kindness and lending each other a helping hand.

In 2019, as we pause to commemorate and reflect on our past, and show gratitude for the efforts by those before us, let us inspire more people to come forward and take action. By living out the value of care, we can ensure that no one would be left behind, and build a nation that can stride confidently into the future as one. This is Singapore Cares.

Come celebrate Singapore’s culture of care, and learn about how our nation was built on care and contribution at our events from March to August 2019. Join us to continue creating a special community mural to pledge your support towards building a more caring and inclusive home, and be part of the SG Cares movement.

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August 2019
17 – 18 August 2019 (Saturday and Sunday)
Our Tampines Hub
Join us as we view the completed community mural that features the 200 years of caring culture in Singapore!
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