Kin (TIF)
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Audio: English
Genre: Drama

Kin is a drama about the complexities of life, love and family relationships in contemporary Singapore, relatable stories and characters fortified and driven by suspenseful mysteries, moral dilemmas and twists in the tale. 23 years ago, two baby girls, Ella and Yoke were switched at birth. It was not an accident. Who did it and why ? Their mothers May Wan, 55 and Jessica, 55, attempt to unravel the truth as they grapple with birth-daughters who are their polar opposites in every way – one privileged and elitist, the other rough around the edges and a penchant for getting into trouble. Is blood truly thicker than water ? These four put nature vs nurture to the test. Tightly-paced compelling mystery with red herrings that develops in tandem with the emotional drama of the growing bonds and relationships between the swopped daughters and their real families as well as with each other.

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